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    Welcome To TechGE3Ks Prison Server​

    This downloadable version is how it is meant to be seen with a guide to what can be found in each ranks mine.​

    This is just a little FAQ and start guide for people who are now D-rank prisoners and don't know what to do or how the prison works.

    Firstly, this is first and foremost a PVP server. Being behind the blue wool means you're safe, the red wool means PVP. As of now there is no PVP in D-block (the starting block) but will soon be an area where only D-rank prisoners can fight other D-rank prisoners. This is to make sure people are not constantly killed by higher ranked people.

    The first thing you will do in this server is spawn at spawn (obviously). From here you will see the rules and other helpful tips. Following the path down you will end up outside spawn and facing D-block. I suggest however you use the command "/warp D" to get to D-block in order to avoid being killed on the way there.

    Using warps to will allow safe passage to any cell block you wish and are able to travel to. Once in D block take your time to look around, remember no PVP means you can take your time to see where everything is.

    How to make money:
    Making money is very simple. Upon walking into D-block you will see some cells and just past them signs pointing left to the shops and right to the mines.

    You can make money by chopping wood or mining cobble, iron and coal and selling it at the shop (for more details on the shop read the mining guide). However the logmines now have a shop just upstairs making it easier and faster to sell.

    You can also make money by selling people items. You can pay other prisoners by doing the "/pay name amount" command. You can also check your balance by doing either "/money", "/balance" or "/bal".

    If you get tired of mining you can kill mobs for money at “/warp pvp”. You get between $1 and $5 for each kill. It is not an efficient way of making money but it is fun.

    MANY people ask what is the most efficient way to get out of D block. Quite simply the answer is voting. You can get $6000 per day for voting. If you vote daily, in 3 days you will have $18,000 which is only $2000 off ranking up. Other than that, mining logs and the mines are equally as fast as each other for making money in both C and D. Once you reach B and higher, using the mines rather than the logs is a much quicker way of making money.

    Putting Your Stuff Away:
    Most people on this server no doubt have watched a Youtuber play here and saw they have a virtual chest and can use the /chest open command. However this is only for donators and must be bought with real money. If you don't wish to do this, there is always the free in-game storage at the enderchest. You can reach the enderchest safely by walking down the main hall to the 1st cell block. Turn right and there is the ender storage. There is also ender chest storage at “/warp pvp” if you wish to warp to a chest. Do not worry, no one else can grab your items from the ender chest.

    You may be lucky enough to get a cell too. There are several hundred cells in D-block and they become free often. Look around for one with a green sign which means it is available for rent. It costs $1000 (about half a stack of iron ingots) for 4 days. If there are no cells with green signs, then there are none available for purchase. Be patient.

    Getting Food:
    There is now a food farm where you may kill pigs and chickens to receive free food. There is also a potato and carrot farm which you can grow for food or for money.

    DO NOT USE THE WALL OF FURNACES!!!! People will steal your items. Use the small rooms next to the furnaces. The doors lock behind you and make sure people can't steal your items.

    TIP: Do not waste your time smelting cobble into stone it is seriously pointless. If you sell 64 cobble and 8 coal you will receive $128. However if you use the coal to smelt the cobble into stone you can sell the 64 stone for $128 (same price).

    People often tell you to pay them some money in order to receive an item. Usually its too good to be true, especially if it's a good item that a fellow D-block person says they have. You can risk it or simply try to obtain the item yourself. Either way it is 100% your choice whether or not to trust your fellow prisoners. Scamming is legal so please don't complain to guards or wardens about being scammed.

    Guards, Drugs and Swords:
    Guards patrol the halls of the prison looking for trouble makers. Anyone who has a sword or bow out will have it confiscated or go to solitary confinement (jail). This server also has drugs such as Weed (wheat), shroomz (mushrooms) and cocaine (sugar). Each have their own special effect. Wheat allows regeneration, shrooms give you night vision and cocaine gives you speed. However these are "illegal" and a guard can send you to jail for holding them and not giving them when asked.

    If you use anything other than your fist to attack someone, you are liable to be killed by a guard if they see you. But even using your fist is not 100% safe. Excessive PVP and warnings for using your fist can lead to a killing if you continue your behaviour.

    Guards have rules that guide them. They cannot PVP each other. They cannot hold a grudge against you if you kill them. There are any other rules about guards you can read on the other forum thread. If you see a guard breaking these rules try to record it by video capture or screenshots and get the guard demoted and make the prison experience better.

    Ranking Up and Higher Blocks:
    It costs $20,000 to rank up to C-prisoner. This may seem like a lot but it really is not. It is only 10 stacks of iron ingots. You should only be in D for about 3 days max. if you do not die. You can get $6000 in-game every day by simply voting at and (however voting only works for server 1 at the moment)

    (note: there have been some incidence of people losing all their money when doing /rankup, so to be safe take a screenshot of your balance before doing this command).
    Here is a list of blocks and their rank up costs.

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    Looks good, I know someone is gonna be upset you made this though.
  3. Turwaithion_

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    good job on the guide Barry
  4. DestroyerOfTime

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    terrible thread lol i was going to make this but a lot more detailed
    turwathion i am going to make my thread on april 8th ok so get ready
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    terrible ? that's just rude its good he will be adding more detail about the blocks soon I guess
  6. badbandit

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    That not nice!! I think he did a aweosme job!
  7. ArchyKnight

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    It looks like he put a lot of time into this, don't be judgemental.
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    In my opinion it is amazing!
  9. Turwaithion_

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    We love having our community making stuff like this for us. And it seems like he spent a lot of time on this.

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    Closed :) gj on guide btw :3
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    Huh. I thought freedom was 25mil. But it still a great guide. As the TF2 Spy would say: Fine Job. You have done well.
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